X 20/38 Pump with 3 Piece Stack Vent | Plastic | Grit | Yes | Yes | 2.2 ml/stroke | No | X38G22CV

X 20/38 Pump with 3 Piece Stack Vent

High quality heavy-duty grit pump for 38mm bottle neck

Article number: X38G22CV
CleanTip™ Technology
Heavy Duty material resistance
Product information "X 20/38 Pump with 3 Piece Stack Vent"

X38 Grit Cartridge pump, for bottles with 38 mm necks, dosage approx. 2.2 ml/stroke, orange cylinder, green cap, compatible with all KX, Neptune and UX dispensers, for dosing of Grit, for rigid bottles, vented, with CleanTip Technology (no drips or leaks), metal-free pump for improved recyclability

CleanTip™ Technology: Yes
Heavy Duty material resistance: No
Venting: Yes
with Air Blast Technology: No
Product Sub-Categories: Pump
Material: Plastic
Liquid Type: Grit
Pump Type: single-use plastic pump
Dosage Volume: 2.2 ml/stroke