EuroPack HDPE 500 IMP | HDPE plastic | single-use plastic pump | 1423999

EuroPack HDPE 500 IMP

Compact hygiene solution for Euro dispensers

Article number: 1423999
Product information "EuroPack HDPE 500 IMP"

EuroPack HDPE 500 IMP, collapsible package for liquid disinfectants, soaps and lotions, 500 ml, HDPE material, with IMP EuroPack pump, dosage 1.5 ml/stroke, compatible with all 500 ml dispensers of the ingo-man® plus Series


individual part numbers:

EuroPack HDPE 500 - Art. No.: 1421237

IMP EuroPack pump - Art. No.: 1420689


Product Sub-Categories: Hygiene Pack
Filling volume (ml): 500 ml
Material: HDPE plastic
Liquid Type: Disinfectant , Liquid soaps , Lotion
Pump Type: single-use plastic pump
Dosage Volume: 1.5 ml/stroke